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I’ll be presenting on 20 March 2016 at the NHS Annual Seminar, North Ryde Golf Club.
My talk will focus on Natural remedies, some happy and not so happy history of herbal medicine and dispelling those ‘old wives’ tales’.

Other speakers on the day will be Jo Thompson, Gerson Therapy
Robyn Chuter, Is your mood disorder a food disorder?
Rafaele Joudry, Triumph over tinnitus
John Lincoln, Electromagnetic radiation: Know your enemy

A full day of speakers, a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon tea costs $95 for NHS members and $107 for non-members. Also good discounts apply for concession holders.
Contact the NHS office on 02 4721 5068 to book your place.

There will be plenty of interesting resources to purchase available on the day.

CPE points available for health professionals.