Michelle offers professional advice and treatment for a range of conditions including:

  • natural fertility and pre-conception care
  • children’s health, especially the “4-A disorders” ie “asthma, allergy, autism, ADHD”
  • realistic weight management
  • healthy immune system
  • gastrointestinal disturbance
  • nutritional counselling
  • anxiety/stress management
  • skin conditions
  • respiratory disorders
  • support for people being treated for cancer
  • functional pathology and testing
  • Please note: Michelle has recently undertaken training in the areas of oncology support. Using specialised functional foods and nutritional medicines, there are new and wonderful ways to keep a person healthier, stronger and more resilient whilst undertaking their mainstream treatments for cancer.

    Michelle is also an accredited Blue Mountains Cancer Help therapist. This means, in certain circumstances, patients may be entitled to subsidised support. Just call Michelle to ask her about this option.

Michelle’s aims include:

  • empowering and supporting patients to take control of their health
  • educating parents in how to raise healthy, happy children without having to solely resort to drugs or pharmaceutical interventions
  • working and liaising with other healthcare providers in an integrative way to support patients who are going through more severe health challenges
  • providing support, resources and appropriate referrals to her patients

Michelle utilises a variety of natural medicines to assist her patients:

Herbal Medicine (Western Herbal Medicine)
Michelle is a practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine and as such, employs a range of liquid extracts in complexes which ensure effective, targeted treatment for a variety of conditions. She is proficient in toxicology and drug interactions based on empirical and evidence-based research to promote health and restore balance in disease.

Homoeopathic Medicine
Michelle is proficient in homoeopathic case-taking and prescribing utilising a wide range of homeopathic medicines.The central theme of homoeopathy is ”similia similabus curantur” meaning ”like cures like”. It is a system of medicine that works by giving patients dilute doses of substances that in their crude form would cause symptoms similar to that which the patient is experiencing.

Michelle believes in “Food as Medicine”. We are not only what we eat, but importantly, we are what we absorb and eliminate too. As a Nutritionist, Michelle can assess dietary intake and give guidelines for recommended intakes of foods as well as eliminate and replace suspect foods which may contribute to poor health.

Nutritional medicine
Michelle can offer expert advice on therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the treatment of disease or deficiency states. A comprehensive appraisal of metabolic processes is encompassed providing vital understanding of how, why and where vitamins and minerals work in the human body.